Contoured limb holder, double strap

Various care / Limb Holder

Number: LHCF-133A

The limb holder restricts mouvements of patient preventing removal of medical devices or injuries .

  • Cuff made of soft breathable foam for patient comfort.
  • Cuff with contoured binding for extra strength.
  • Felt liner on back for more comfort.
  • Hook velcro closure for better adjustment double strap with felt lining standard strap.
  • Strap attach with quick release buckle or tie.
  • Velcro hook at the end of the webbing to fix strap excess on the cuff.
  • Models with one or two straps attachments offering a better limit of range motion.
  • All models offer a 1" flexible strap for ease of handling with 40" attachment length.
  • The bed attachment quick release buckle offers one piece or two piece attachments for maximized adjustment.
  • No Latex.

12 pairs/case

Size Quantity Price (unit)
Not available for online sale

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